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In the five artwork sections on my site, you will hopefully find something that starts a dialogue with you. If interested in a painting or other work, send me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We can even choose together the most suitable painting for your interior, or create a personal, customized order.

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Painting has entered her life twice, like a muse who changed her mind and then returned to insist on an orginal decision.

Nadia formally studied painting in Ukraine, earning two art degrees, and then abruptly left her brushes to immerge herself in computer design. Fifteen years later, war breaks out in Ukraine and Nadia has to leave: other cities, the loss of loved ones, endless changes and Italy as a destination.

During this period of upheaval I met Nadia Lysakowska

From that moment of resettlement in Tuscany, painting became for her first a medicine and then a profession, and now even more clearly, a vocation. More than two hundred works in three years, varied in style but certain to grab your attention, provoke new thoughts and invite sensory play. There is a feast of color in her canvases, the palette is warm and diverse, even with works created in colder scales. We find hope in her landscapes – these dynamic clouds in movement, a confident brushstroke, a new cinematic look at the Italian sights long familiar to us – and her abstract works pair surrealism with deep philosophical meaning.

Nadia communicates with herself in different genres, and it is a great pleasure to watch her develop as an artist, to find her in a multitude of forms. There is a continual search for something new, and with each new series of her work I think that I have finally understood Nadia the artist, but then she turns a new angle, and manifests herself from yet another side.

Antonella Spadafora


Personal exhibition:

ArtePadova 2021 (IT), 2021

Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno (IT), 2019

Municipality of Pontassieve, Firenze (IT), 2018

Pid Levom Gallery, Lviv (UA), 2016

Madam Palmgren Gallery, Lviv (UA), 2014

Canvas&Page Gallery Kiev (UA), 2013

Izba Gallery, Donetsk (UA), 2011

Joint exhibitions:

Premio Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, (IT), 2020

ArtePadova 2018 (IT), 2018

Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno (IT), 2018

Glance Gallery, Donetsk (UA), 2014

Modern Art Gallery, Donetsk (UA), 2013

Glance Gallery, Donetsk (UA), 2013

Modern Art Gallery, Donetsk (UA), 2012

Gallery "ArtHall", Kiev (UA), 2012

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